Why Cisco Secure Email

Why Is Email Security So Important?

The volume and sophistication of email-based threats continue to grow at an unchecked pace. Most organizations observe that as much as 90 percent of their incoming mail is invalid (spam, viruses, etc.), with the total number of incoming messages increasing every year, even as the number of employees stays constant. These email security threats are fueled by a powerful profit motive associated with spam, fraud, and information theft. This creates resources that bring professional engineers into the business of developing new threats, further exacerbating the situation. As this cycle does not appear to have a natural equilibrium, threats are expected to continue to grow in volume and sophistication for the foreseeable future.

There are no “silver bullets” to eliminate the flaws found in email. The ultimate answer will likely emerge as a mixture of many complementary solutions. The sustained viability of email demands a convergence of market-driven research and technological development.

What Are Cisco Secure Email Cloud Servers

Cisco Secure Email security appliances combine market-leading, best-of-breed antispam, antivirus, encryption, digital rights management, and archiving technologies. These solutions run on Cisco Secure Email revolutionary MTA platform, providing the highest levels of email protection, with exclusive preventive and reactive technologies and industry-leading email management tools.

With a complete portfolio of secure delivery methods, integrated key management, and the power of business-class email, Cisco Secure Email technology also provides industry-leading encryption capabilities, enabling the comprehensive functionality necessary to protect even the most complex enterprise environments.

By reducing the downtime associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats, Cisco Secure Email appliances vastly improve the administration of corporate email systems, reduce the burden on technical staff, and provide constant state-of-the-art network protection.

Cisco Secure Email provides a multilayer approach to stopping email-based threats:

  • For spam protection, email and web reputation filtering technology is combined with the industry-leading Cisco Secure Email Anti-Spam feature.
  • Cisco Secure Email Outbreak Filters are paired with fully integrated traditional antivirus technology and patent-pending anti-targeted attack protection to ensure users are protected from the industry’s more malicious attacks.
  • Cisco Data Loss Prevention technology provides organizations with the broadest set of tools to enforce regulatory compliance and acceptable use policies accurately and efficiently.
  • Cisco Secure Email PXE encryption technology fulfills secure messaging, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Figure 1 shows a typical Email Security deployment.

Figure 1.

Anti-spam Anti-Virus Protection

What Is the Cisco SenderBase Network?

Cisco Secure Email harness the power of the SenderBase® Network. This powerful threat tracking database captures data from more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, providing a large and diverse sample of Internet traffic patterns.

  • SenderBase receives over 30 billion queries daily.
  • Using SenderBase data increases malware catch rates by more than 20 percent over signature-based scanning alone – an unprecedented increase in efficacy.
  • For live threat updates and real-time access to your SenderBase Reputation Score (SBRS), visit https://www.senderbase.org.

What Are Cisco Secure Email’s Security Technology Differentiators?

Cisco Secure Email AsyncOS® is a unique, high-performance software architecture designed to address concurrency-based communications bottlenecks and the limitations of file-based queuing.

Cisco Secure Email Reputation Filters perform a real-time email threat assessment and then identify suspicious email senders. Suspicious senders are rate limited or blocked, preventing malicious traffic from entering the network.

Cisco Secure Email Anti-Spam combines best-of-breed conventional techniques with Cisco Secure Email’s breakthrough context-sensitive detection technology to eliminate the broadest range of known and emerging email threats.

Cisco Secure Email Outbreak Filters detect new virus outbreaks in real-time, then quarantine suspicious messages – offering protection up to 42 hours before traditional antivirus solutions.

Cisco Data Loss Prevention technology provides comprehensive DLP policies and remediation options, unparalleled accuracy, and easy deployment and management capabilities – meeting acceptable use policy and compliance requirements readily.

Cisco Secure Email PXE encryption technology revolutionizes email encryption – meeting compliance requirements while delivering powerful business-class email features.

The Cisco Threat Operations Center (TOC) provides a 24×7 view into global traffic activity, enabling Cisco to analyze anomalies, uncover new threats, and track traffic trends.

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