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Is Your Home Office at Risk?

For individuals working in a home office environment email is crucial. However email can also be a security risk. With the amount of email traffic a home office or business receives, email threats such as phishing are a great concern. Phishing occurs when a user of a computer opens a file or even a link to a website that installs a virus on the users computer. A phishing virus will track keystrokes, web history and more. The information collected, such as passwords, credit card and bank account info as well as Social Security Numbers, is sent to the originator of the phishing email and subsequently used criminally.

Phishing isn’t the only concern however. Many viruses and browser hijackers are sent through email as well. Viruses can cause significant and costly harm to your computer systems often corrupting or outright destroying valuable data such as personnel records, data bases, videos images and more. Browser hijackers take control of your web browser, removing control over what your home page is, what search engines you can use and even where you can go on the internet(often places you would never want to visit).

Finally there is spam. Spam encompasses the previously mention items(Phishing Attempts and Viruses) but is mostly junk mail containing unsolicited offers for things you do not want. A lot of spam also contains explicit adult material which simply has no place in a business environment.

The above mentioned threats can not only cause costly damage to your computers and network infrastructure but can also tax your business with the most important currency of all, time.

Professional Protection for Businesses Big and Small

iFilter Email offers spam and virus protection through the Cisco IronPort appliance.

IronPort email security appliances provide a multilayer approach to stopping email-based threats:

• For spam protection, email and web reputation filtering technology is combined with industry-leading Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam feature.

• Cisco IronPort Outbreak Filters are paired with fully integrated traditional antivirus technology and patent-pending anti-targeted attack protection to ensure users are protected from the industry’s more malicious attacks.

• Cisco IronPort PXE encryption technology fulfills secure messaging, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

While there is no unbreakable wall to protect you from all forms of cyber threats, IronPort can help protect one of the most common ways of computer infiltration.

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